Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February already.

If it rains any more like this the waves will be lapping at the 'garden' wall.

'synch-ro-ni-zing' is a real pro blog, but do you have to be specialist to attract comments or followers I wonder?

If Hamas succeeds in those of its aims that are legitimate without the Gaza Strip being fairly well flattened, will it not be a clear message for all with grievances to stock up with medium range rockets: and are not civilized countries like the UK, France, USA, Russia, and China queuing up to provide them? With admirable side-effects to important economies?

These same economies are also queuing up to rebuild Gaza (better than it was before); employment all round, needed in these difficult times. You simple-minded peacenics out there don't think of that, do you, with your double-glazing, double-garages and double-chins. If you had to live like the Palestinians do, you would be queuing to have your semi bombed, or at least your bay windows blown in.

So perhaps Hamas has to be flattened as well, but only because of the danger that their methods might be seen as successful. The individual leaders and fighters who have to see their towns destroyed along with their women and children, must surely be among the bravest of men and women alive. They will be branded as terrorists, not without reason, and
others will get the credit when their country is re-built and a few more rights installed.


  1. When you are standing with your nose against a tree, it is difficult to see the forest. Especially when you can't even work out who the nose belongs to.


  2. I should be able to work that out - I'll need a clue.


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