Sunday, January 18, 2009

That little place (see picture below)behind the man is the Hovel penthouse. I can't afford to live there myself, and occupy the two floors below. Actually several cars pass by the penthouse every day, and I did not come here to be mithered by traffic. More to the point, my cats come up if they know I am up here and their road-sense is no better than Greek driving.

Ten or twelve miles over the bay is the charming town of Kerkyra, 4 buses go there every week day even though the village is almost deserted following a flood 16 years ago which damaged so many houses the government gave the people land and houses in a new village below. Cultural note. If you have not read Wordsworth's 'The Deserted Village' you should do so right away.

good day for cutting up the olive-wood logs delivered recently; 100 euros per metric tonne. It breaks my heart to see the ancient and beautiful olive trees disappearing. Corfu without them will be diminished. Not that the average tourist will notice. Let's change 'average' for Italian - The English and other North Europeans, come to walk and sight-see.

Will anyone come and help me test and write a site about using the excellent bus service to find easy walks (returning by another bus)? Time-tables do not help because expected times of arrival at villages between the terminal and destination are not published. Walks on the lanes between bus routes can be exceptionally beautiful, but getting to the starting point needs good advice.

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