Monday, February 2, 2009

And as the earth rotates to the East to-day's last rays of the sun paint the distant mountains of the Pindus range, mainland Greece, and make 'em all orangy like. Such is the beauty of Nature and Language - in combination - we can - momentarily, at least - put to the back of our mind the slings and arrows of horrible misfortune and that.

Dr Awsome has the habit of slipping into the profound, but his humility actually shines through like the piercing rays of a supernova, at a distance of, say, 120 million light-years, and visible without even a seaside telescope from earth.

This was a link to the serious purpose of this post. Please subscribe to NASA's APOD - (Astronomical Picture of the Day) stunning images from space. Wonderful.

LOLCats are also giving me enormis pleasure - I think I told you before, get over there, and somebody tell me how to get links onto my page.

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