Thursday, February 5, 2009

The baby Castor tree lost two leaves in recent storms. Yes, well, they were about 40cm across, so for a baby it was something. Almond and other blossoms all over the place, warm in the sun, but 3 feet of snow would be nice too. I am going out now to take a birthday picture for Biba Awsome who was 2. on the 3rd. late, but not as late as the news was 2 years ago! Hmmff.

Oh! Godie, you are a one an' no mistake. Freezing Europe, deep snow everywhere, letting the poor humans think global warming(!) is their fault. Created 'em in your 'own image' you did, then accidentally forgot to leave instructions about good and evil and so on. OK, tell me this - whose fault was the previous ice age then? Were the dinosaurs getting too big for their boots, eh?

Hey! Love your site When we're all gone from the face of the earth, won't be your fault will it? Oh! no.

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