Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is version 5 (soft) of my first ever 'Photoshop' painting which was constructed from abstract and un-considered shapes filled with colour, duplicated, copied, moved, etc while trying to make a 'composition' and then trying to make 'sense' of this. This over months of returning and editing with only a real beginners grasp of this amazing program's tools. I am no
t an artist who can create (anything I would like) easily. Except in my dreams.

I am also too easily prevented from starting a picture because of difficulties in visualizing, but often like what I see after doodling with almost no attention to what I am doing. It was virtually impossible for me make a phone call without a pad in front of me and a balpoint in my hand. (and not just because of a seive-like memory!)

Got any good doodles? Send them to Dr A.

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