Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good. CB has opened a new blog for his soap-boxing, which leaves me to get on with art and comment. Don't go away - loading problems at the moment, and I'm a bit above sorting this stuff out. CB (corfubob) is onto it.

The new blog is called '*hi* - it's only me'. An apt title for someone so 'umble! Boring is another word for it. Although CB chops the wood around here and feeds the cats, who is it that takes and paints the unbelievable pictures you see here? And who wants to believe a nartist is someone ordinary?

That reminds me. We have been visiting recently. Wonderful place and teeming with gorgeous young ladies with blogs and so on. Ordinary People are getting to know about Dr A, and I am going to stick some links here from time to time.


  1. Gorgeous young ladies at BC? No, they're all just avatars. Actually, they're just over-weight, middle-aged men with large beer bellies and sweat patches, trawling the internet for someone to flirt with... Really. ;)

  2. Thanks Mylissa, Do under-weight geriatrics do this as well I wonder. Me, i find it more interesting to be rude. just about to post a blog on your cotton-wool theme.

  3. Gorgeous darlings? Watch it, they might just be guys behind the veils. Or even retired pensioners who have the spare time to tease the socials scenes. Nice to get to know you nonetheless.

    I am one who has not learnt the art of hiding behind a veil, so the glitter lips speak well for the woman who is showing it off.

    Annie Cook


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