Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Imam for all seasons

Sorry - you may have seen this one before, small edits. Trying to make copy/paste work

Officially this is a design for a greetings card aimed at the Islamic market, deliberately non-specific so that no minorities, such as Christians for instance would be offended or feel excluded. The snow, the autumn leaves symbolize any winter festivity you want. The shades symbolize youth, and the street-wise generally. All 4 balloons symbolize......The little robin says:

"The irony of the balloon comment is that it makes sense; the tragedy is that when religion is what you do in church, mosque, or just in private, there is no need to mention that people of different beliefs can get on with their lives in harmony. They have done for centuries all over the world. Its the priests, imams, and their bosses that whip up hatred in their evil drive to set one group against another to create a larger base for their megalomania. Of course the politicians arrange funding, but the churches are not used unwillingly."

If you say so Robbie. I'll have to look out some other versions of 'Happy Whatever' Not long to Christmas is it?

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