Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time for an art lesson.

The picture above was built on an abstract drawing in a very simple programme (Windows 'Paint'), transferred to Photoshop and edited over many months. In this version the canvas is an earlier edit, copied, transformed (perspective changed to the new viewpoint), and pasted onto the 'canvas' area. The 'subject' now watching the artist at work, would have been impossible for me to have conceptualised (I can't draw either), but the logic of the picture is deliberate, if not ground-breaking.

The new generation of photographers will not dream that photos were ever evidence of reality, and sadly many of my generation still expect a picture to be 'of' something. For me the fun is in mixing together the conventions of representation and abstract, while drawing on the 'accidental' to begin the process of creation.

However, catch me doing this amount of hand work again! It's digital camera images from now on - yours, if you want. Must put the windows in the studio this year, and build a porch for Dr Tom (no relation) to sit in and practice his guitar. Well, that's another blog.


  1. I think it's a great picture and would love to see more! The online Saatchi gallery gives people the chance to paint like this online. You might like perusing that website if you haven't already discovered it, I'll post the address in your shoutbox. I do take on board the amount of hand work involved, takes true patience.

  2. Thanks Sally, i did sign up for Saatchi; a lot of nice stuff to see there. I'm acomin to see if you have anything new.


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