Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Create wealth - or else.....

Continuing the theme of 'making do with less', and I am waiting for your tips, this post wants to hint that there is more to life than enriching the money worshipers, more to life than consuming. You knew that before.

I have been reading reactions to the economic downturn, especially in America; at the same time sickened and delighted to hear the whining of the rich - but only those who believe there should be no limit to the riches they can accrue, and no limit to the 'freedom' of the 'market' that can help them accrue it.

Individuals whose creative genius (in music, art, science, etc.) - makes them rich are not included for condemnation because they also enrich the world. The parasites who manipulate other people's money, purely to make money, contribute almost nothing, but are usually the ones who scream the loudest when they see the poor and disadvantaged, (and I include the 'lazy') being allowed to live at any level higher than a factory farmed pig.

This is not a negative rant. The great middle classes who think 'making do with less' is mainly for richer people are probably capable of stepping back and re-appraising their real needs, without shouting for revolution.

Askcherlock is worth reading for its sanity and clarity; pop over there now. The rest of this post is comment on a comment I added there.

  1. Paul Johnson

    1. Dear Cherlock,
      At some point now that the Democrats are in power you have to do more than bash the opposition. For example explain to us why taxing those who work and giving to those who don’t will increase our work ethic and make us prosperous.


  2. Dear Paul,

    It’s certainly true that income taxes come from those that actually work and make income. It’s also true that much of those taxes go to support those unable to work, or those who have been laid off from their jobs. I suppose we could just let the poor and the unemployed starve to death so that the employed could feel real “ethical” and “prosperous”. Somehow, however, that doesn’t sound much like the America I know.

  3. Bob Loosemore

    You were polite to PJ, I suppose you have to be in your job. I don’t have to be.

    I was wondering if your simplistic notion of “taxing those who work and giving to those who don’t” was written by a moron for morons. Just wondering.

  4. Society is comprised of a large minority who cannot contribute much to either wealth generation or society building. Apart from the sick, the mentally impaired, and the very old, we have to accept in some degree many who are angry and turn to crime, or lazy and turn to welfare, television, the internet etc. In other circumstances most of the latter two groups would have been willing contributors, even if minimal, but everyone has to live.

  5. Nowadays millions of clever, balanced, effective, virtuous people can generate much more wealth than they need and are happy doing it. They can share this wealth with the less effective, and in doing so create a society that is more attractive to almost everyone. There will still be crime and anger, and even you Mr Johnson do not want to know what I would do with this dangerous residue.


  1. just in case you don't think to look, I replied to your last post

  2. What makes me angry is watching scum collect welfare when they are sooooo cabable of working. I don't live in the states but I wish we had the same rules welfare for 5 years.(at least that is what i heard) Not a live time unless you have a disabling disease.

    As for the ecomomy. This stinks but it would be a lie if I said i wasn't enjoying the wallet of the rich Quote...The parasites who manipulate other people's money, purely to make money..feeling the crunch abit. As this goes on they will feel the pinch more and more.

  3. "watching scum collect welfare" I want to say that this makes me angry too - they are stealing from the honest and truly disadvantaged. However policing this would also remove huge sums from the welfare cake. Solution? make the cake bigger and 'shame' the liars, plus enlarge the community service programme (I've forgotten what it's called) Monitoring benefit is a huge cost to most, even if it employs others.

    Nobody at all in my (extended)family cheats; The question is why are more people greedy and dishonest now than before?

  4. I was an Investigator of fraud at one point in my career. Most people who "cheat" are doing so ou of desperation. There is oversight, however, and those caught do pay. Perhaps a little forgiveness can go a long way, except when governments are doing the cheating. Those in power need monitored as well.

  5. Thanks Cher, What actually surprises me is that more small people don't steal now that theft by the big people is more widely recognized.

    Not only do the big frauds set an example to all but the 'guardians of morality' say little about it. Of course we know they will pay in the after life, but lets not bring that subject into the discussion.

  6. oh Dr. you are always spot on!

  7. Thanks Senka, my little shadow, nice to get your comment, nice.


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