Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Do

The little place you see to the right, behind the old olive tree is the 'penthouse' level of the Hovel . Another two floors are partly cut into the slope below what you can see; the chimney belongs to what used to be a kitchen below the patio in front of the penthouse. The patio floor is now propped up by columns, rain water currently floods through holes and cracks in this; luckily the kitchen floor is solid, and I dug a little soak-away for this water. All under control - the patio will be sealed shortly and a new re-inforced concrete floor laid eventually. The owner fixed a new roof and so the other rooms are dry now. All external surfaces have to be restored to their original appearence. I have a free hand in rebuilding the interior, which will be DBQ - designer-barn quality. There was no water laid on at first, no wiring, but the old meter had not been removed, just disconnected. A cable from a neighbour has served very basic needs over the last two years, and I have nearly finished wiring the place. Connection is expected any moment, the forms filled in, deposit paid. But this is Greece.


  1. You never told me! Did you find Biba's birthday card yet? Go to 'February' (left) and look down the archive. Thanks for popping in.

  2. I am enjoying reading through your blog and love to hear of your home.

    It is nice to live simply, (I have done it quite a lot over the last 15 years) and then to realise that anything else is just 'icing' - you appreciate it more, but know that it isn't 'necessary'.

    I've found that the more simply you live the closer to 'nature' and the closer you are to your 'own nature.

    I shall visit again :-)


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