Monday, December 14, 2009

Dr-awsom's back

Dr. Awsom extends his very best wishes to everyone, and promises to turn over a new leaf as soon as possible. He is NEVER going to be rude to people who do not deserve it, and is going to insert links to all the wonderful pages that he comes across, and a few naff ones of course, which will serve to encourage the deserving. We must all, he humbly suggests, leave more comments that actually do comment, and don't just say 'visited your blog and clicked on your ads', because sometimes we don't have ads do we....

It is my plan to improve the style of the blog somewhat, and also focus on two themes. The first is going to be How to live on CORFU, Greece, for $15 a day or less. The improvements to the Hovel will form a background to the 'how to live here' theme, but best of all, the tiny top room known as the 'Penthouse' is going to be developed as a (quite basic) guest room. Watch this space.

The second theme is going to be 'How to get the most out of a simple digital camera' This will include very basic editing. How and what to edit is not hard. WHY to edit is the trick. It is hoped that blogging friends will mail images they would like improved. The pictures I post will suggest ideas. Hope you like cat pictures......

However few of my friends know as little as me about setting up an attractive blog, and this is an appeal for help. I would like clear comment threads becoming integral with the blog, and a second column for navigation, visitors, followers, stats, whatever. Advice to set up the new blog, perhaps with WordPress, will be welcome. Can anyone help?


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