Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Role(up) Model - mark 2

Now the 'lines' that connect Senka and Biba are clean and the only addition to the composition is....... the clue is in the title, not all of you know what a synical sense of humour Dr.Awsom has. This picture needed no cropping to speak of, but this is always the first thing I look at when opening an image for editing. It is by far the easiest, and easily the most important action you can take to improve a picture. More later when a crop has been required. 

Richness of detail and texture is (or can be) GOOD 

Distractions that compete strongly with the subject are BAD.

Clone Stamping? This is a Photoshop tool whereby you paint over areas you don't want to see with something copied from somewhere else in the picture (or even another picture open at the same time)

Biba's ciggy was copied, rotated and pasted between her innocent and dainty little fingures from her mothers niccotine-stained mitt. Now you know why I live in Greece and she lives in England!


  1. the photo is beautifully done and a joy to view.

  2. I like the humour of the cigarette - Just two girls enjoying a smoke!

    I like the November Dawn post and photo as well.

  3. Thanks Cher and Chris. The set up is primitive at the moment - it can only improve. Advice will be gratefully received! Bob


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