Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some things don't change

Kind follower Berko observed that the life portrayed herein could be thought of as idyllic. A pensioner's existence in secure penury needs adjusting to, but if this can be achieved there are rewards. Not to turn to inactivity or booze just because it's expected of you is very important, and so is being handy with simple tools, If you are not retired and have been competing in the rat-race for years, and would like to slow down without inviting the sneers of you peers, Corfu and Greece in general must be one of the better places to tone down ambition; a government with the wisdom of the ancients succeeds in preventing unfair advantage to be gained through education, talent, skills etc. OK it's sickening to see people prosper just because they know someone, but to us modest types its sickening to see people prosper just because they know everything.
I will get out soon with the camera, you will see what a picturesque season Winter is here,and if I can overcome my shyness will record some scenes of everyday life as well

The picture below was a quick shot out the window with Molly having a snack. The tree is a Castor plant that arrived a couple of years before this picture was taken.  When young the leaves are enormous, they can grow to half a metre across allowing the plant to grow quickly. As the leaves increase in number they decrease in size - I mean they don't grow to be so big.  It is rumored that castors are now harvested to make fuel oil.  They produce millions of seeds twelve months in the year.  I am going to collect mine for kindling.  

The next fine day I am going to walk down the lane to the lower village with my camera,  and about time too.   


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