Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corfu Cat Gallery

A couple of 'paintings', very little retouching except for the 'brushwork'. Mr Magoo, above, was a little fond of this wall. Polly and Smokey are still friends. Got any pet pics you would like me to paint? Free of course (for posting here).

Sad times, and have not felt much like posting; bad tempered on the discussions as well, occasionally. Say hello why dont you, I like to look in on my visitors. Take a look at Askcherlock and Rich - they write so well and with authority. Ausetkmt and Solamar7 looked in recently - they do quality stuff as well.  Go look.Take care all.
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  1. Come on corfubob :) anyone who calls themselves dr awsome cannot be that shy!!
    Thank you for the nice comment in the first part of your post.. well appreciated. Perhaps you mistake my cheerful description of my artworks as self-praise..far from it..I am merely trying to sell some of my work. I try and keep my blog up beat and happy..too many sad sacks out there..
    It is hard to confine my happiness if a painting or chalkboard comes out better than expected. What does one say when presenting their work it is...
    Anyhow point taken.. I have been bogging for years now and am quite shy myself.. maybe I should comment more on other peoples blogs.. I don't know the secret to getting comments..I guess it really doesn't matter to me.
    Keep on creating! Cheers Karen(solamar7)

  2. Dear Bob, I do hope you start feeling better. You have a wonderful following but we will support you through this. Thanks for mentioning our blog and for the compliment. We are always so pleased to hear from you. I have been reading many blogs this week in which people are feeling sad, or off center. Maybe it is the winter season or maybe it is the uglies of politics. Whatever you are going through, know you are not alone. You will be in our thoughts and...we will wait for you.

  3. hi doctor awesome, just thought i should stop by:-) love your painting! hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hi Yunyi, thanks for popping in. My main reason for going quiet was the disaster in Haiti, and the feeling that neither my humour or more serious nature is appropriate at the moment. Nor do I really see why it should ever be so while the world remains so indifferent to inequalities. I do hope you are well and in good spirits. Bob

  5. Hello, on this cherry sunny day in Western New York hope your doing better....I'm trying as well thus your not alone...

    Dorothy from grammology

  6. you and your blog are gay! Stupid old man!

  7. A lovely photo of beautiful Greece. You must tell us more about your experiences there sometimes. what is the climate, what are the flavors, and what are the seasons. You have much to offer, my friend. Be well and know you are in our thoughts.


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