Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jump up Polly - don't wait

April fool!   Ha!  No cats were harmed in this April Fool. (tell Polly that!)  Only joking, she went on crunching for ages.  That rod has to be pulled to deliver biscuits to the bottom of the silo.   See that hole?  Come back in a few months time and that builder's hole (probably left for scaffolding, who knows) is going to be a cat door, and they will have their own balcony overlooking the garden, the deserted village, the olive groves, and the blue blue sea.  My temporary door will be gone and one with GLASS in it will be there.

Wanna see some more of the Hovel.  I will try to post a recent panorama of the 'Studio', untouched as yet - maybe windows this year and a floor not perforated by worm.  Iron hard these planks, but beyond my renovation.

Do I see a glimmer at the window?  Yes, it's 6.45am, time for a tea and back to bed to see if I can sleep.  Four hours straight last night - I could get the cement mixer out and shift a load, but nowhere is ready, need shuttering and sand for mortar.  Does all this high-tech talk make your eyes glaze over.  Drop down for the studio pix.
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  1. You seem to have a very nice existence there, Bob. Corfu. Wow. Making your own life, your dwelling, and with a good companion in Polly.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words at sync, I'm so glad you stopped by for coffee (or was it tea?).

  2. I'm curious to see your studio pics. I'll pop back in later! Your photos weren't showing up for me in today's post.

  3. my word verification was waltsu....shall we? :)

  4. Willow.. um, my toe's a bit sore, OK then, meet you down at the beach - the village talks you know.

    I like it here and the cats don't complain... about my living here that is. Yes, tea, but I drink about a litre of cold coffee shake a day here, especially when it heats up. take care.

  5. A liter of cold coffee? That would make me sleepless in Ohio!

  6. I love the poems & pics but cat in the can is my favorite. to cute!


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