Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hourglass Meeting

OK, the picture of Molly is not really appropriate unless she represents the look I probably got from the mother in this little poem from 1987. In fact when Molly was a young mother she used to watch the kittens playing, and if one got a bit rough she used to clout one of them (it didn't matter which). One day our puppy was man-handling a little cat (who was lapping it up) and Molly went over and clouted - you guessed - the cat!

Hourglass Meeting.

They took a table
Sat there in the slanting sun.
I tried in vain
To find the downward eyes of one.

But after toast
She risked a fluttered smile at me,
Just when her mothers eyes
Were closed in tea.

But like two grains of sand
That met once in the hourglass waist,
We were two lines
In separate memories chased.

An actual 'bed & breakfast' encounter somewhere in the south of England, but I don't remember much about the girl except that she didn't smile at me. This 'romantic' phase of writing didn't last long either.
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  1. Cats eyes belonging to the ever vigilant mothers!

  2. "Just when her mother's eyes were closed in tea" is such a great line. Love this, Bob.

  3. Such a sweetly romantic poem, Bob. I loved it. And Molly, well she is a beauty, and possibly quite representative of the look in the mother you describe. You captured the sentiments wonderfully, both in the photo and in the poem. I love wistful memories and the best part is, no one can take them away from us.

  4. Thank you all, kind folk. Even Dr Awsom had tears in his eyes. What! onion Bhajee Dr A? Thanks a bundle (as we say)

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