Saturday, October 2, 2010

The old idiot

"If I want to do something stupid and break my leg or neck, that's up to me. I don't need a council to tell me not to be an idiot”
Thus spoke Lord Young of Graffham, and quoted in the excellent BBC blog
Lord Young is probably not an idiot., even though his comment is idiotic, and insensitive.  Many good people without his advantages and education, can get carried away by exuberance, or otherwise find themselves in trouble that us wrinklies would avoid.  They are not always so able to pick themselves up afterwards as Lord Young is either.
I watched several videos of this cheese-rolling madness and was upset to see young people apparently injured, whether they chose to take the risk or not.  This event, however, is not a sport - it was not enlightening to watch - no athletes were being created, just a few young people crippled perhaps.
Well done Council in banning this nonsense.  What does anyone think?

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