Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you there Ralph?

Spent a couple hours making a blog of emails with Ralph ( ralphviewpoint) punched 'publish post' - nothing. Can't find it anywhere. I don't suppose it was a good idea anyway. Ralph, you are committed to your beliefs, they help you, lots of people feel together by sharing the same beliefs. Truth has nothing to do with it. It has been noted that religions with the most extreme tenets, and far removed from normal experience, attract the strongest believers.

It is fundamental to Christian Science that matter does not exist. It is
belief in matter that allows it to have a real effect on the believer - the belief only. Conquer the belief, 'know the truth' as they like to say, and matter cannot effect you. Disease is matter - know the truth, and the disease goes. Every Wednesday evening throughout the world people (used to?) get up in front of maybe hundreds of people, and relate how CS has helped them and cured their 'beliefs' their illnesses. These are the most caring, honest, virtuous people you could hope to meet. They don't try to convert other people, they don't gossip, and hardly ever complain. Ralph my friend, if I had the choice of believing or not I would be one of them. Having said that I am deeply grateful to my mother - who was one of them - for teaching me to seek the truth in my own way. That dear sweet woman was disappointed when my questions became un-answerable, but she never said so.

When my mother became frail, she took herself to a Christian Science home for the elderly, not a cheap option but she had poured a small fortune into the church through donations and purchase of weekly and monthly publications, sent from Boston Massachusets, and could not imagine a better place to be. However, she developed Parkinsons while she was there, and because disease does not exist she was banished from the communal eating places, and was served alone in her room. Work that one out.

Here is a picture of two lovely cats. I have lots, and I look into their big yellow trusting eyes and say to myself "you know nothing, believe nothing, judge no-one"

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