Sunday, January 25, 2009

SilentEcho9 ?

Help! I cannot figure out how to start a column for blogs I think you ought to follow, like SilentEcho9, nor how to use key words to point at posts. Drop me a comment or a mail, please someone. Ironic or what? My second comment since day one has to be from a conservative, small government, believer (let's put it nicely) explaining to me that god created governments to be 'free market'. I wonder if he has heard of Jesus? OK, if the alternative is the Islamic model with it's treatment of women as possessions and all it's other forms of cruel repression then I'll be born again, or join the Christian Atheist Movement, even if I have to start it myself. Look, Sharia law probably bans black cats, or learning Photoshop to edit images. Actually, I quite fancy the idea of peppering my blog with biblical quotes, KJ of course. I'm looking for a resource right now. Seriously, the bible is a fascinating read, and the language, for a geriatric like me, is beautiful. How in god's name did the church get to hijack this wonderful volume? Did you know, my friends the ancient Greeks used the word 'logos' for both 'reason' and 'word', intending to say - I am told - 'In the beginning was the reason..etc' Sadly, if there is one thing that does not exist in nature, and therefore in the beginning, it is reason. Until we came along to start the essential process of destroying nature, things happened because they could happen, not because someone or something decided so. My olive logs burn because they can (or must, it's the same) not because some very busy god though it would be a good idea. Unless you know differently. I'll go and look for a picture. Be happy.

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