Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bessie's blog

Just wanted you to know that a kind English human has sponsored me. Yip!! That means i get medicines for my ailment (private) and any operations i might need to make me a better cat. Well! don't just gawp - get yer bloody cheque book out - AAWF, they're on the www thingy.

OK Bessie, this is a family blog. Sorry, yes it's true - my cats are wonderful people, orphans the lot of 'em - better at being cats than I am at being a blodger. The first one was found in a blackberry bush in Konitsa in 1998, and produced an extended family of about 13. Bessie is one of 3 cats from that dynasty but born on my bed not far from here.

I am going to tell you about Konitsa one day - it deserves to be well-known. Right up in the Pindus mountains it has a deep limestone gorge, Greece's finest national park bar none, and decent places to stay. Don't bother searching; they've only just had the phones put in.

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