Sunday, January 25, 2009

The GIG 9b

The politer version of a card for grand-daughter Biba, explained slightly in my 'Welcome' blog below. I wanted to say that almost everywhere people will be hoping Mr Obama can mow the lawn a little, pull a few weeds, plant a few bushes, no no -flowers, and subdue the fundamentalist/money lobby that had too much to say previously. Let them sing their hymns,and praise their version of virtue in their churches. They pay for this right through the collection box, let them leave politics to people others can vote for. Under Bush, mothers in very poor countries were effectively denied help to control birth: the clinics who thought this was acceptable, and said so, were stopped all funding from the US.

Why can't humanism provoke the kind of passion that drives so many parents to push innocent children into the church and towards religious belief? Why?, because the truth of the humanist postion is so self-evident it does not need men to grow their beards and wear funny clothes to promote it.

All of nature including our brains - and computers - work, (or fall into disrepair) according to laws of nature which never fail. Oh no they don't. Lightening led to electricity through study and understanding, not through faith in laws made by man. We do need faith in our electrician or computer repair man (even if it's a woman) but not in the laws of nature involved. Believe me - I've got a white beard....

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