Thursday, January 15, 2009

Agni Animal Welfare Fund - a calendar.

The calendar page below (yesterday) is the first of 12, surprise surprise, designed for a cat charity (Agni-Animal-Welfare-Fund) who do great work on the island filling a gap in the civilization of the people who are supposed to have invented it in this part of the world. Modern Greeks have an appalling attitude to animals in general, and like to pretend they have a better attitude to people than us English, as if this is some kind of excuse. Their hunters have blasted the wild-life into near oblivion; a popular brand of cartridge has a picture of a missel-thrush to indicate its type - say no more.

The theme of this soppy calendar is the cats who have adopted me, and kindly allow me to put words into their mouths. You will soon be wanting to send donations, please do; the animals here need the food and drugs that Angela, Graham, and helpers distribute Summer and Winter.

When someone tells me how, you will be invited to download free high-res calendar pages every month from here.

Never mind if I live out of dustbins, and shiver in my basement without windows when it's too wet to collect driftwood for the stove I made out of a thrown-out pressure tank, send your donation to Agni-Animal-Welfare-Fund why don't you. Look them up,. they are real - and just about unique on this island.

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