Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corfu Winters.

As I write it's warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, but rainstorms from December to March can be delugious. Temperatures are often single digit, but almost always +. You can get here by ferry from Italy but resorts are all but shut down. Ask me - it's not my business but I'll help if I can. Photoshop pictures will not download at the moment except via Piccasa. I have a file called 'Hovel' which are of or from the house into which my pension is being poured. 3 small floors with nothing, uninhabited for 15 years or so, building floors, stairs, you name it. This my friends is the power of potential over possessions. Taps with sweet clean water in them on every floor - celebrate! Electric lights everywhere, computer out of the box - celebrate. Windows overlooking the bay, just holes with polythene over them - celebrate the potential to improve winters, not to mention the beautiful views I just know will be enjoyed from my 'studio' one day.

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