Thursday, February 26, 2009

Global warming

Please visit for an important post on a vital subject. My post below is a comment left there, but Rob is the one you should be reading on this subject. My slant is that conspiracy or not, the enemy is real.

I learned many years ago that the current warming cycle began way before the industrial revolution, and recently that other sources of CO2 far far outweighed the man-made stuff. People at the top know well enough that dodgy science need not be a reason to slow up a campaign they have set their heart on. The great general public can be sold anything, and thank god for that!

Lets suppose that cheap oil is running out in the West, and being discovered in the East. This is a pathetic simplification, but lets argue that the East is eager to be the new West, and to be fired by Islam and not Secular Christianity. This is a big deal for the West.

The West therefore has to motivate the voting public to accept a reason for reducing dependency on oil, paying more for energy, cutting back.

Climate change caused by the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is the simple enemy. An enemy that cannot be nuked into submission. The enemy that is going to submerge our coastal towns and villages, bring malarial mosquitoes to the frozen north, etc. etc.

Suddenly floods in places no-one had heard of last year are going to be headline news. Climate change is going to happen - it has NEVER stopped happening, but now WE are causing it - and it has to stop!

So is the climate-change scare a conspiracy? Maybe it is. Does that make it bad in this particular case? Wars to secure oil supplies have proved most unpopular with the goody goody general public (irony) all over the place.

I can remember when our house in rural Devon had black-lined curtains so that if if a German bomber went over it would not see the light from our oil lamps. I believe people used the London underground as bomb shelters, and sang songs in defiance of a determined enemy. The new enemy is oil dependency, but global warming/climate change will be more visible to the people who have to cut back.


  1. Hi Bob
    It was a great comment you left on my blog post. Many thanks.

    With any luck it should inject some debate on the subject, and help raise awareness on the subject of whether global warming is fact or fiction.

    Here is a direct link to the blog post you refer to: -


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  3. Hello, Bob

    Thank you for the lovely comment left on my site. You remind me of one of my mentors, a very sane man with quite a lot of knowledge to impart with others.

    I haven't any professional publications to speak of (yet), but hope to get published someday.

  4. I don't know Bob, while I believe that governments could manufacture this as a conspiracy, I have a hard time believing that climatologists all over the world could be convinced to manufacture data to support political or religious ideologies. I certainly grant that climate change as a gradual force has been an ongoing process, but I think the data on the kind of sudden drastic changes we've been seeing has to have some validity to it.

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