Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reduce taxes? I don't think so.


Mr. Sirmans believes not reining in the galloping cost of living and the dwindling buying power of the dollar is suicide to the U.S. economy. Additional government spending or tax increases is only going to push the economy over the edge. Only a draconian reduction in taxes and government spending is going to rein in the out of control cost of living and make one dollar buy more than a candy bar. I'll bet the farm on it!

I ask only:

1. You want to reduce the government's ability to build schools, clinics, assist the poor and sick who cannot afford the health care YOU can?

2. You want to make sure the greedy effing creeps that brought the economy to its knees, can continue to get their bonuses, continue to gamble with honest companies as chips, continue to go 'bankrupt' and start again, continue to lie and cheat without a government looking over their shoulders on behalf of the unempowered who have to pick up the pieces when you mess up?

3. You want to get lost freddie boy?

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  1. Yeah, I skimmed along that post a few days ago, just went back and read it completely now. What kills me about people screaming to let the free market ride is the total lack of realism that stance requires. You want to trust the market at a time when those who run it have just proven themselves to be acolytes of the devil? (and by devil I probably mean someone like Richard Nixon :p)


    I admit to being a little partisan (Social Conservatism = Evil!!!!) but at least I can admit when my side makes a mistake. I feel your pain Brother Awsom.


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