Saturday, February 21, 2009

Failure and choice

"All in all, it comes down to how you take failure. Either you can make it a step to success or a retreat from it. It’s all within you. Remember: you are what you make of yourself – someone who failed and gave up or a failure to success story, the choice is yours". — Ritu B. Pant

This little quote is from one of timethief's excellent blogs - well written, clear, and balanced. However I would not be Dr Awsom without pointing out the simplistic crap demonstrated in the quote.

1. "It's all within you" No! SOME of it is 'within you' How much depends on whether you are well or poorly equipped to succeed among others. There is a big difference between 'some' and 'all'

2. "you are what you make of yourself" No! You are also what others make of you. Yes, you can have self belief (like Dr A) but unless you also have Talent, Personality, Charisma, Money, and Connections; all in some degree, you will not get very far. (see how Dr A lives)

3. 'success' and 'failure' need to be defined to elevate this silly quote to the status of idea. These terms are particularly subjective without defining a goal they can relate to.

Dr A is in the top 30% of thousands of chess players who compete on GameKnot (on-line chess) He played in the London League for the British Museum, where he worked. Not bad for an effing yokel? No, very bad. Very few really good players will be found on GameKnot, and he was too nervous to play in competition, even at his miserable strength (2 years a player).

Dr A failed to take over a large farm in the West country (of England) when he was in a position to try. He lost his share in a West London house by trusting an ex-wife. Total cash value of failures, approaching 2 million sterling. Both these events gave him the freedom to exist in a manner that could be envied by OPs from all over. (Ordinary People) . Is the peace of mind he enjoys a part of a 'success story'?

Probably, what do you think?

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  1. You were either up very late or very early and having an ill advised introspective moment, that's what I think lol

    I hate that touchy feely self help mantra crap. When the Secret came out and all the spiritualist zombies started buying it by the cord I was tempted to go and burn down whole book stores just to stop it from spreading.

    It's not enough to sit, in your living room, in the lotus position and beg the Universe to provide for you 'cause you're just so groovy :p

    Happy Saturday Doc!


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