Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heat your room with a candle?
Sorry SolReka, I have to level a small criticism that your excellent site seems to endorse what I consider is a fraudulent product. The previous edit of my post wrongly assumed you to have a commercial link with the product, and why not, in general?

Do you think it's true that the heat from a candle could noticeably warm a room? With the help of this device?

To a simpleton the thing looks technical. What it does is absorb some of the heat from the candle flame and translate this into infra-red radiation instead of just heating the air which would otherwise circulate by convection. Is it not suggested that the device increases the heat output?
Otherwise what does it do?

This is 'small beer' in the large picture of alternative energy, but the manufacturers know that the energy released at the moment the flame burns cannot be increased afterwards. So what are they selling? the conversion of convected into radiant heat.
From a candle?


  1. Hi
    Many thanks for those kind words.

    Regarding the article you are talking about: -

    The article is in my wordless Wednesday series of posts. Hence, the article is just a picture, nothing more, nothing less. It shows what kind of alternative energy technologies people are working on, it is then up to the reader to understand and read more about the subject matter.

    Quote "SolReka KNOWS THIS. If this device sells he will be guilty of obtaining money by false pretences" - I am NOT selling this product, I am merely showing a picture, that is all.

    If you look at the article in question, I did not write 'honest' in the wordless Wednesday room-with-a-candle post. So not sure where you got that information from!

    The next time you decide to 'try' and vilify someone, I suggest you carefully check your facts first.

    I'm not sure what I have done to cause such anger, bitterness, and hatred on your behalf.


  2. @Bob
    You completely misunderstood what wordless Wednesday was and is about and that's too bad. I hope you do apologize because solreka is not selling anything. He's just participating in a weekly meme.

  3. I was looking for something to apologize for - maybe 'SolReka KNOWS THIS' I was otherwise impressed by the subject-matter of the blog, and assumed SolReka knows a lot more about this subject than me; hence, perhaps my anger. 'bitterness and hatred' no, just a little anger.

    Looking again I cannot avoid the suggestion of endorsement for this dishonest product - stuck there right under your logo, and no editorial to explain that the product was found to be on the market along with others. A regular feature of the blog as you explain.

    The product itself is fraudulent - it sells for money to people who believe it does something that it does not. it even shields some of the light!

    I should have directed my ire towards the manufacturers - at this moment I believe the site to serve an important purpose, worth more than any of the humour and rant sites like mine will be sometimes. You did not see this product as fraudulent did you SolReka? Work out the dollar per kilowatt of heat!!

    I stick to the point that the site could be misunderstood as endorsing this device simply by its being there side by side with serious things, but I do apologize for the anger - it was misdirected.

    I do respect you both, and will pull or edit the post. It's not far above freezing in here at the moment 1 o'clock in the morning, and not even a candle to heat the place!!

  4. Hi Bob

    I think we got off to a bad start.

    In order to rectify matters, please allow me to clarify a few things.

    "endorsement for this dishonest product" - candle company is not dishonest as far as I know. It's the Oil companies, governments, and politicians who are the dishonest ones.

    I am not endorsing anything Bob. I don't do paid blog posts, and I don't endorse ANY products except for my own range of solar cooking kits.

    "Do you think it's true that the heat from a candle could noticeably warm a room?" - in a word, No. But I should imagine the pot gets pretty hot, thus giving the sense of a warm room if you get close to device.

    Having said that, I think the candle holder is an excellent demonstration of how convection works, the design is similar to the Joe Cell device (the inventor claims he drives his car on water and Orgone Energy)

    "This is 'small beer' in the large picture of alternative energy" - I totally agree with you Bob. The candle holder device won't change the world, but with any luck it might just light a flame of imagination for whomever drops by their website. Excuse the pun.

    Regarding the wonderful world of alternative energy, there are a plethora of FREE energy devices out there. I am fully aware that I used the term 'free energy', this is because many of the designs use energy which is free and abundant, namely; hydrogen, solar, wind, zero point energy, EMF, etc.

    It is only when the oil oligarchs and plutocratic governments have had their fill and filled their coffers, will the opportunity for new and life-changing technologies be allowed to come to fruition.

    In the meantime, we are stuck with oil as our main source of fuel, and the little people 'trying' to promote alternative energy ideas such as the candle handle.

    The candle holder company (no endorsement) has a youtube video. Here is a comment left by a customer: -
    "Wow! nice video. I have a kandle heeter and I am really impressed with the design. not only does it keep me warm but it looks nice in my home :)"

    And finally Bob, one thing I pride myself on is my integrity. I do not scam, lie, or deceive. Life is too short. Hence the reason I took your OP to heart.

    I hope now we can put all this behind us and move forward in a positive light.

    Warm regards

  5. Thanks for your reply Rob, to be sure, what happened was you became a target for my anger at the candle people - this was bad-tempered, and I have felt bad since. TT rightly slapped my wrist.

    We agree on the greed, stupidity, and lack of integrity shown by the big players, but what can we do except let our own honesty be a tiny candle flame, even if one of millions, hardly visible in the general glare.

  6. TT is a demi-god I believe. TT is a wise old/young man/woman lol.

    "let our own honesty be a tiny candle flame" - so true Bob. But just imagine what millions of tiny little flames could do!!!

    If we, the people of this world unite, then there is no stopping us. We can claim what is rightly ours; namely, our freedom, our liberty, and our self-preservation.

    The governments are welcome to all of these facets... over my cold, hard, dead body.

    Peace, light, and love Bob.

    See you on the battleground.

    Brighter Energy Solutions

  7. Just so Rob, But you can see just how united free-thinkers, humanists, atheists etc. are.!!

    We will have to start a new church with strict rules. I have the name only -

    Church of Christ, Almighty Man! I read somewhere that all American Churches were 'Church of Christ, (something) Is this still true? Smart people will see 'Christ almighty man!' for the expletive it is. The articles of faith, mission statement, whatever will have to be totally untenable, and contrary to normal people's experience, and then we have a chance of attracting believers. Can you come down to Corfu to discuss the details. Cats are allowed to join - 10$ a year, to include a inspirational portrait by Saint Awsom. Get onto this - you said you would help. CB

  8. I'm confused! What would you like me to do? I'm scared, I want my mommy lol

    I have my own church where I heal my hurts.


  9. PS Glad to see your blog comments are working okay now. How's the wordpress install going?

    Blogger - Booooo
    Wordpress - yay

  10. 6:05 It Ain't. My fault for sure, nothing works.
    6:04 Dr A told me you wouldn't be up to it 'bloody yankie wimp!' he said. Dr A had it worked out - he plays God. of course, and you would have got to play his 'only begotten son' figure. I was onto the carpentry work too. What's your height and weight by the way, just out of interest?

  11. ps. ""let our own honesty be a tiny candle flame" - so true Bob. But just imagine what millions of tiny little flames could do!!!"

    Yah! right on Bladger! Burn all the effing houses down - damn good start too. Dr A


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