Sunday, March 15, 2009

The editing for the photo below was simple Photoshop stuff: 'Crop' was the essential first step, followed by 'image size' 300dpi for the main file, (but 72dpi for the blog). 'Sharpen' is required for even the sharpest of digital images from a cheap camera. 'Cut Out' filter was applied, then a little 'Grain' and a fair amount of 'Clone Stamp' to cover the defects and extend the image a bit, especially to the right. The axe was repositioned with 'lassoo + move, and the hole left in the background was clone-stamped. My favourite filters are 'Cut Out' and 'Angled Strokes' to give the look of being painted.

There is a grey area between pictures and graphics. The 'graphic-design' features of this picture are the clear separation of the units; rocks, block, axe, bench, cat, background. The 'art' is up to the viewer in a way. For a simple picture to be pleasant to the eye, the lines that draw the eye around the image need to be smooth, and should tend to lead the eye to important parts of the picture. Jumping from distraction to distraction, although you may not notice this happening, is not helpful.

This post has been a bit disjointed because pictures would not load with their text. Connection is awful once the sun was up here on sunny Corfu. Thanks for dropping by.

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