Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A real crazy.

Got a minute? Here is a link to a Barking Crazy. Now, I may be a horrible fellow sometimes, and this geezer may be entirely harmless, and deserve to live his life without molestation (except by blog of course). But, he seems to me to be preying on the western world's vulnerable and sceptically challenged minority - religious believers. (skeptomai Gr. I think) No No, I know it's Greek - it means 'I think.'

What I mean is, people who find the mainstream Jesus religions lacking in some way, and are actually in the market for a new interpretation of biblical 'truth' should be offered a more humane vision than millions of good charitable Christians not being selected for heaven on the day of reckoning.

I wish I had time to start a church for Christian atheists. Look there's a lot of good stuff in the bible - loving thy neighbours, and so on........Well, I can't be expected to find all the suitable quotes without more research, but they are there. We know what Jesus thought of currency speculators and hedge-fund managers to start with. But being Christian is a lot more than insuring your long-term future, and short-term preferential treatment in difficult times. Being humble, patient, and honest is challenge enough for most people in my opinion, and if we strive for these virtues for their own sake and not from fear of punishment from above, are we not even more deserving of reward?

I'm sorry to be so sombre and serious to-day. Come again tomorrow, and let me know how you are getting on below.


  1. Oh dear he makes me look normal.My last night and im adepressed but hey ho tommorow will be better, Stay away from those kinds of sites they give us real crazies a bad name!!

  2. I really couldn't agree more. I get rather confused with the religious topic and find myself falling back on these ideas

  3. Ducta - don't get confused my new friend. It's all really easy. We are born, we try to learn the truth suggested by REAL evidence. We try to be honest and kind except to crooks and liars. Life, nature, culture, and a few people can supply us with all the 'meaning' we need. There is no creator but nature, truth IS relative, morals are man-made and apply to the culture we happen to live in, we die, everything rots away except the memories we leave behind in others. This is all so wonderful,beautiful,sufficient, it brings tears to my eyes. Listen to Beethoven's string quartet Opus 130 every day for two weeks whether you like music or not.


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