Monday, March 23, 2009

I am just puffing a little for the Huffington Post, which is helping me to see that understanding the problem of the US recession as it exists now is beyond my capability. However, since it is obviously beyond everyone else's capability as well, from Obama, Geitner et al downwards I don't feel so bad.

Every one of the big players has millions salted away, they will survive comfortably if they are forced to retire or use their talents to operate a simpler system - a system without the potential for organisations to grow beyond the control of government.

Small companies create at least 70% of the wealth in the West, why should millions of small owners be denied the right to continue in business because speculators higher up the cash chain have the power to switch them off?

Small investors lost their life savings because they allowed remote players to re-invest where and how they chose. Money well lost.


  1. great article its a shame that small companies suffer but so does small people.

  2. Small businesses have been the backbone of the U.S. Until they are capable of earniing again and being viable, we will continue to spin downwards. Hopefully the economic stimulus package will trickle down to them soon.

  3. In Greece almost half the economy is 'black' the government does not collect enough taxes to pay for most of the services advanced countries take for granted. Perhaps a bit of 'spin downwards, is what you all need to sort your priorities out and become less reliant on the giants who control credit/investment and who can gamble with companies large and small for profit and for more control. Of course if any humane leader tries to make the system fairer the Fat Cats and Churches will be the first to scream "Communists!!!"


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