Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jerry - the portrait

This lovely kitten was as laid back as he looks. Notice the flexing of his claws, this is a sign of recognition with many cats. Another cat Smokey, who has commissioned a portrait for this blog, has the habit of stretching and leaning against a wall or post as a means of saying hello, Porgy 'speaks' .

This picture was cropped to emphasize the eyes (and that little foot) a small amount of sharpening and saturation increase was all that was needed before a Photoshop filter was applied (Angled Strokes) to simulate the brushwork of a painting. Oh!, i forgot, the eyes were brightened and the saturation increased vbery slightly. The claw did not need sharpening......... However most digital images can do with a small amount of sharpening as a matter of course Filter >sharpen. done. 'Smart Sharpen' and 'Unsharp Mask' can be tried with images that seem to lack crispness. It takes seconds to see what they do.
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