Tuesday, January 5, 2010

November Panorama, Corfu.

The top picture was how Photoshop combined two upright landscapes of the valley and bay looking towards Corfu Town. In 'Image Size' dimensions and the resolution were chosen. For future printing resolution should be 300 dpi, but for screen viewing where no magnification is expected 72 dpi is OK. Instead of cropping the mis-match I filled in the blank bits using the 'clone-stamp'

The foreground was selected with the 'wand' and places where the selection was not good were mended, also with the clone-stamp. The selected foreground was lightened with the 'levels' tool which enables you to lighten, darken, and modify contrasts. then the foreground was 'deselected' and the colours were brightened with 'saturation'. (ctrl +U) . With practice, and using keyboard shortcuts, this amount of work takes a few minutes only.

If you have an image or two you would like improved simply, just mail me a file I can import into photoshop. If there is anything interesting I can do, and with your permission I will post the effort here. Otherwise the new file will be posted back.
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