Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Night-Eating Syndrome….A New Eating Disorder? -

Have I done bad?  I pasted someones blog without permission, and left my original comment as a comment below.  Is that bad manners? Please let me know - Dr.Awsom would hate to upset anyone, even some of his 'friends'....  (Cher, please tell RE I am sorry - Bad Girls Radio is fantastic, but a bit complicated for an old git like me to follow.)   We find some wonderful people surfing around, and want to share stuff.    The  silly line of invisible text below is a link - please pop over.

Night-Eating Syndrome….A New Eating Disorder? -


  1. This seems to be very professional advice for someone who does not eat regularly, or sleep well.

    However I find it disturbing that the behaviour is given a name and is the subject of professional advice. This can only impress gullible people that the problem is a disease that can be cured, rather than a natural reaction to unsuitable lifestyles, habits, circumstances, whatever.

    I have been getting up at 2,3,4 o' clock in the morning having 'breakfast', wasting my time visiting blogs, playing chess on-line, cleaning, etc. Then i go back to bed, maybe sleep a bit, get up at 11am or mid-day, feeling unwell. No big deal, but because I don't wake up feeling fit, something has to be done.

    I am old, and my self-imposed work routine renovating an old house, often tires me to the point of collapse.

    Am I suffering from a syndrome? Of course I'm bloody not!

  2. Gentle soul, reject all labels, signs and most rules that don't make sense. Flow with your own energy and celebrate every day you have left. Of course, if you feel something in your life needs adjustment, you are right. I am constantly redesigning and redefining my daily activities. Since cutting way back on meats and starchy dinner food, I don't wake with a growling tummy at 4am. My plump body was telling me something... more veggies please! Now to get my lazy self up and moving more. I love your writing style by the way, what great photos too! Keep it up will you?


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