Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May blooms, Corfu.

Yesterday's stroll for flowers to capture and interfere with produced some easy results 'Prickly Pear in flower' and 'Passion Flower 5'. The latter one needs a little work, but the colours are not tampered with. These are dedicated to friend Abraham. Do drop in.
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  1. So exotic and different than anything in my spot of the world. Beautiful, Bob.

  2. Those are awesome Dr !!! We walk around our house at times saying " I'm a prickly pear"
    Peace & Good Karma my friend

  3. Lovely!
    I also love your new title page, reminds me impressionist paintings.

  4. What great photos. It makes me smile just thinking of the beauty of our world.

  5. Passiflora - my mother-in-law lives on the north east Norfolk coast and manages to grow one of these the full way round an archway in her south facing garden. They are beautiful but for me are very tied up with my Catholic background - as the passiflora of course represents Christ wearing the crown of thorns... very powerful imagery for a 7-year old!

  6. Fortunately for me they represent only a challenge to creativity. I noticed the 'but' in your last sentence..... My mother was a believer, but used only gentle words to bring me into the fold, with the freedom to make my own mind up.

    Carol, strangely enough I do not see the world as beautiful at all; art, music, yes. But a curate's egg for sure. The world has to include all the charming little creatures that cause disease and suffering, but we cherry-pick do we not? Thank you all for the kind comments, it makes it all worth while.


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