Friday, May 28, 2010

Silly Molly

Not as well-balanced as Dr.A  Eh? LOL.  
Molly was about to be abandoned by neighbours returning home 5 years ago, so I asked where I could find the red kitten. Up the tree probably they said. New tree, new servant, new life, Molly is content.
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  1. thats very cute - I think animal rescue is very underrated. good for you
    Mr Monkey

  2. Aww... that's so cute.

    That cat must be really thankful :D

  3. Hey Mr Monkey - you must know people who could help me buy a small Greek island to set up a cat sanctuary, and we would rescue a number of humans as part of the contract.

    Yes Ana, you can see the gratitude in Molly's eyes in the picture elsewhere (where she is asking to get by)!

  4. "a cat sanctuary" this is my dream too :) Great pictures, very cute :)

  5. bebi - tell me how your dream progresses. Meanwhile I downloaded two of your remarkable images to post here, Keep in touch.


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