Sunday, May 16, 2010

My name is Bess, my sister is Porgy - we send you greetings from Corfu, Greece

Lovely pictures from Arizona, pop over there, it's not so far, be sure to look Brattcat up
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  1. I know brattcat. LOL

    I also like your cat photo.

  2. Female cat called Porgy eh?? Bit of feline gender reassignment going on in Corfu?? LOL

  3. This branch of the Corfu Cat family have abolished gender entirely Juliana, not that the cats could forget all their prejudices of course.

  4. To answer your question:
    You first wash the print for 5 minutes, you then fix it in the hypo for 1 minute. After that you have to wash it for 30 minutes in running water if you want to keep your print for 150 years (what we did...) In between I presume you could use a hypo-clear solution to reduce the washing time, we did not...


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