Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Only Ones

Shy Periwinkle
'Whatever' said Biba, and she was only young.
My favourite flower, my favourite grand-daughter, and my only Mr Magoo 
who disappeared and is greatly missed. 
 Look closely into his eyes and you will see my fear.

My fear is is also yours who are bound to others by love, 
both natural and inappropriate, 
and to whom I offer my thanks for being here.

Poetry is funny stuff is it not?  Can the above lines be dismissed as a badly constructed poem - with a rhyme to attempt confirm its status?  Probably.   But it was written as prose and a sincere message to my friends.    Inappropriate love has been hinted at recently (below), but what about this feeling many of us have for the creatures that we share space with - or allow us to share their space?   

This sentiment was made for poetry, because prose does not allow us so readily to 'feel' the meaning of words written to be 'understood'.   It is sad - pathetic - inappropriate, is it not, to be so attached to animals?  I bet we (you) don't think so.  Let me know anyway.  As in a  comment below - even the stressed, stretched, and serious among you! 

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  1. beautiful pictures! and i like the last one's composition, in which i could see some scenery of greece - the cradle of wisdom...
    it is also my belief that we are free to love, nature, animals and human, men, and women. as somebody said: love is bigger than any rules.

  2. Thanks Yunyi - yes, love is big, and pays the price. Hope you are in good spirits.

  3. Periwinkle, Biba and Mr. Magoo. Three lovelies.

    Your words are beautiful, Bob.

  4. Zoology and Botany! Where is this little girl fitting in?

  5. Ha...the name Mr. of my favorite cartoons as a child. And had to tell you how lovely your granddaughter is too...great photos! :o)

  6. Wendy, you have wormed your way into my heart for ever. But - you don't seem to be a very good witch; no spells or anything. Take care.

    Therese, I hope I thanked you for your question elsewhere. Biba fits in with her mum, my No.1 daughter in Brighton, England. Hope you are well.


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