Saturday, July 17, 2010

Any questions?

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This post is the answer. The picture has nothing to do with anything. Unless you think so. 

as in deep and shallow,
can be thought of
as what exists between matter,
and the two together
comprise all that there is.

Except of course for energy,
and this moves matter through space.
That's all.  It's just too easy of course
even for scientists. And they are clever

Oh! how I hear the questions
scrambling around in your brains
like rats in a barrel.

Ideas, love, art, me? above all me. 
Why am I here? who made me?
What happens when I die?


Ideas then, what about ideas?
they're not bits moving about!

Sorry - that's exactly what they are;
when they start you know something,
you feel something, you believe something.
When they stop you forgot something,
you stop feeling something.

If you hear the Cavatina from
Beethoven's Op.130 quartet
for the first time, bits called electrons
will either start moving and never ever stop, 
or they will not. Try it.

Let nature provide the answers
and then ask the questions, if you must.

My family,friends,music,cats
are the answers.

Do they need questions?


  1. Too many questions Bob! My head's hurting. Not sure about the electrons though, they mustn't be moving!

    Love the rainbow.

  2. Sometimes one is burdened by too many ideas. Quite possibly impossible ideas at that. So many ideas that it can almost drive one a bit mad. In fact, "sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." :o)

  3. Without electrons moving and liberating photons you wouldn't see this I believe, Wendy.

    Blame Mr. Monkey, he started this. Lurking behind the post above is the question to which the post is the answer (except for the questions}

    A 'bit' mad Wendy? You're lucky, you have magic.

  4. Hi Bob - gorgeous picture, can't think about the recovering from a migraine, don't know what that does to my electrons but it hurts!

  5. The cavatina is so melancholic Bob!! Goodness, next you will be posting Strauss (R) 4 last songs or the Barber adagio!

    We are all here for a reason, and all creation is inter-dependent. I depend on you posting conundrums to keep me brain active!

    Smiles and grumbles

  6. Hi Juliana, Only the Budapest, perhaps the Hungarian, and maybe the Amadeus quartets could see beyond the 'melancholy' into music's deepest utterance in the history of everything. I will try UT for the Strauss and Barber. What can any of them mean unless a priest says so eh Juliana? Well, you asked for it. Show me one piece of evidence from nature that points to a 'reason' for anything. There 'has to be' is not an answer. I have explained this before - sit up, pay attention, and ditch your 'beliefs' Now they WERE created for a reason, just like all the other different, contradictory, and above all EVIL belief systems invented by man.

    Matter exists because it MUST. Reason does not come into it. Matter organises itself into physical systems because it CAN, and if a system works it carries on working until absorbed into another system, or blown apart. The world has thousands of libraries with millions of books that show this to be true.

    Am I and my family here because some alien power decided so, for some kind of reason? And my cats too? And the organism that killed my sister when she was just a baby? She is not here now for a reason? The disease breathed god's life for a reason? I only learned about that 4 years ago, but it seems like a decent enough reason that my father never spoke very much. Be happy Juliana, nature is wonderful - without reason.

  7. As part of my recovery, I learned the key to healthy adult relationshipns. It's this:
    I can be me.
    You can be you.
    Together we can be us.

    So Dr Awsom, I won't sign up to your cynicism of belief systems that are faith-based, but I can merrilly banter away with you and enjoy your cyber-company enormously.

    Smiles and grumbles.

    (Hey you seen my new blog? my name takes you to the link)


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