Thursday, July 15, 2010

Badly gilded rose

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Do you still seek
a bright repose
that your young heart missed, 

And did they paint
your petals false
to guild your nature
from their own designs?


  1. This is my poem. I'm claiming it and taking it home with me.

  2. Well, I think the little verse needs one or two more stanzas to resolve the questions. And the only person that can do that is Juliana. Yes?

    We are waiting Ladygoodwood

  3. Dear Willow, its a fine and humane thing you do, and if you link spirits with Juliana you could negotiate a fine conclusion to the poor orphaned thing. Probably.

    I just noticed you found my humble post before I had added my own comment. Thanks Willow and Juliana - why, it's almost like living among people, chatting to you two, without all the aggravation.

  4. Your next poem should one of just answers... then we can create our own questions for it. Following you back from you following me back from me .. ah you get it!
    :) Mr Monkey

  5. I'm going to search the archives Mr Monkey. Answers are certainly what we all want. What a pity there are none for so many 'questions' that people insist on asking.

    OK, I found one, may take me a while to post it, but I will be expecting a question from you.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am blushing and very flattered.

    Thank you, it is such a lovely and thoughtful gesture.


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