Tuesday, July 20, 2010


One evening a month or so ago, just as twilight was greeting the Corfu night, 
and my spitit was suskeptical to magic and mystery, 
I ventured out to count the kitties. 
 It had rained a little in the morning, but the day had been dry. 
 Can you imagine my excitement on noticing marks in the dirt 
that formed an almost perfect circle.

This was not the creation of a human agency
not even a tourist agency, because my yard is not mentioned
in any guides to the island.

I hurried in for my camera - 800 iso I said to myself, quick.
A professional photographer must be gifted with nerves of steel - 
the light was fading, the marks were drying out, within minutes
I had selected 800iso, composed the image, being careful to position the
histogram to ensure an appropriately exposed image 
that would speak of dusk and mystery, without having to fake the effect
in Photoshop later.

I did not notice the little witness to my nervous fumblings at that moment -
well, would you have done? 

I was going to make a competition for the title of this story - that's why I put 'The........ at the top.  But a. I am fresh out of decent prizes, b. I didn't want the losers to feel like...you know, and c. some of you would say I claimed the best entry for myself.  So I am going to give you a clue.  The title is "The Cr...p Circle" What you have to do is insert a vowel.  Good luck.

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  1. Love that critter tray. Very kind to the environment and no mess for you to clean up.

    Does the little visitor belong to you?

  2. The little critter, Winifred, is Socrates, or Socs - daughter of Piggy, or Porgy. This one is challenged geometrically Willow.

  3. O my O my.... the sun is getting to you!!

    Of course, the cat in the corner is not really a cat, he is an alien in disguise just come out of the mother ship... but then all cats are aliens..

  4. Woz it the cat wot done it?

    Bob, yes thanks, I am fully recovered now. And thanks for your excellent observations regarding my blended sky pic - you are right of course, though I had not noticed that. I will have a go at doing your suggestion.

  5. Oh Juliana - are you still talking to me or was this before? Aliens transmogrify I understand, but they don't take us wrinklies away do they?

    Oh Jenny, you are so observant, and perceptive, have you tried the healing brush on your freckles?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Bob

  6. Paul, you and Jenny are really near between you

  7. bob, greetings from one who regularly returns to ithaki island south of you. lucky you to live year round in this magical corner of the universe. i've enjoyed reading your blog - will sign up to follow and return for more stories from corfu.

    p.s. i often write about life on ithaki on my blog if you'd like to visit

  8. Thanks Amanda, I'll be popping over to see you, bringing my bucket and spade. Take care

  9. Thanks bebi, here lies buried treasure.

  10. Hi Bob. I followed you here from David, the paranoid and delusional man's blog! How do.

  11. I don't care about the ET prints or whatever, I love the little kitty sitting in the corner, lol !

  12. The creature in the corner is telepathically saying "take me to your leader" :p


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