Thursday, August 26, 2010

Αγιοσ(Head in a bag) Σπυριδον, Corfu 2010

Every August the Orthodox church organises a parade, the centrepiece of which is the head of Saint Spiridon - discretely shielded from the hot sun and admiring gaze of the faithful inside a bag.  I know I should research this properly, but meanwhile a few pictures will have to do.

OK OK, Marik and Aimel, have to get a tyropita or something, the head is coming honest.

Just a little local colour here,  Marik knows where we are going, we are early - time for me to knock off a quick watercolour.

We are there. A Greek lady is introducing herself to Marik and Aimel, and going on about the time-wasters - the bands and their music which has nothing to do with heads in bags.  "Bring on the priests" she is shouting (in the next picture)

The Euphonium player was resting.  I want to say that the standard of playing was really good, I was enjoying this, but having to be a bit strict with people who come at the last minute and stand right in front of you.  Well, they try - I did not go to photographic college just to learn about f stops and hyperfocal distances and such......

See the people behind? The priests are coming with the thing we have all been waiting for - Saint Spiridon's head in a bag!  Will I be up to the challenge of depicting this holy relic with appropriate reverence and so on?

Second flute.

Second Clarinet

Hear no Evil..............

ALT! oo goes there then?   Well, we left the square, and we are on the way to find a cafe for a nice iced coffee.  Did you like that?  I am coming again next year - I don't ged out much you know.  On the mainland we tended to get a bit spoiled when it came to traditional parades and 'festivals' (Panayeria) which are not tarted up for tourists.  Even if the country towns and villages don't get the best relics, they have the best atmosphere.  If I live long enough I shall revisit, and then you'll see some pictures.  Oh! did I forget?  Don't seem to have got a picture of the head in a bag, now how did that happen?  I know you are disappointed and I have asked Marik to send me one if she can.  Come again soon.


  1. The contrast of the shiny headgear of the players with the black hats of the three bearded wonders, I found particularly appealing - but shame about the missing head-in-a-bag. Could have rounded everything off nicely... :)

  2. No No Jinksy - the head isn't missing, just my picture of it. I must write more clearly. Hey, you came from Willow didn't you? Welcome, (The three WISE bearded wonders ACtually - and I love their black dresses don't you?)

  3. Lovely event!!

    But, hey, Bob! What happened to your Magpie Tale? I didn't get a chance to read it!

  4. well this is a first. i've attended these august panayiri on ithaki and kefalonia, where they parade the mummified body of aghios gerasimos in a silver litter. but just the head? good lord. yes, will wait for that foto.

    but the rest just brought me back to the ionian. thanks, bob. really nice.

    btw that watercolor.......i am thunderstuck


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