Friday, August 27, 2010

Picture show - retro.

Hello friends -  just a little retrospective of images, many too deep in the mire of Dr.A to have been seen by recent explorers. My thinking is that when an image can be cropped and shopped to a reasonable composition it becomes a picture instead of a picture of. Then I use filters to simulate brushwork which must also serve to unify the image, that is, suggest a deliberate approach (like paintings and poetry)

As much as it would be nice to be an artist - to bury layers of meaning in images, and have a gallery or publisher hoping to make money out of them, the craft is demanding enough by itself,  but ultimately boring without a little something to spark the imagination. Composition smooths the path of your eyes around the image, your belief allows my little thoughts to come through.   Believe, and enjoy.
Like it on my wall do you Bunny?  That's alright then...
Sky painting. Towards old Kerkyra.
I wish my skills extended to painting. The composition here was very largely natural, but even if a cloud is not in quite the right place it soon gets to know about it. I did not fix the white 'mountains' on the right as it 'appens, but a little sharpening would have occurred if thought beneficial.
Geranium and bud

Smokey on the Wall.  Very little work needed here - cropping, sharpening, a few flaws removed, but Smokey's eyes have it, do they not?   Normally with both whiskers and eyes I remove all or most of the effect of any filter.  

Passion flower and buds.  Juliana know what passion flowers are. Drop in on this super lady Later! dammit, finish your first course to get the sweet.     OK OK thats enough for now, all this high-powered stiff is tiring I know.  See you back here?


  1. A wonderful post and an excellent magpie! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Just when i think I am begining to learn a little about taking me pictures... giggles. The passiflora is beautiful - but I still find it macabre becasue of old associations. I can't do passion flower of arum lillies....

    I really like the one of the geranium - I have some of those in my garden and didn't know thats what they were! i thought it was some sort of Hibiscus. Duh! Little Miss 10watt lightbulb here.

    Glad you are blooging again :)
    Hugs and grumbles.

  3. Sorry Bob - just read my last comment, typed it without my glasses on! Well enjoy the blooging - whatever that may be! (Lightbulb turned down to 5 watts...)

  4. I LOVED your painting and enjoyed my first visit here tremendously.

  5. Hi Bob, Yes smokey's eyes do have it! Great pictures...

    Bob, I've only just got a couple of responses to your posts on my blog, either my blogger or laptop is temperamental! So could not respond until now, I have asked a couple of questions if you want to look. All the Best.

  6. Thank you people. It's enough to make one bloog more often! Probably.

  7. Dear Bob, How wonderful to have tracked you down on your island of dreams and how much I have enjoyed looking through and reading your latest postings. Anything, of course, to do with cats and I am captured instantly. I do not possess a camera but am most intrigued at how you have manipulated these images.

    Thank you so much for leaving a coment on my Isobel Barnett posting, to which I have replied. I am going now to sign myself as a 'Follower' in order to keep up with all [well, possibly not all!] that is happening on Corfu.

  8. Dear Bob, A postscript. For some reason I am unable at present to sign up as a 'Follower'. Each time I try, the message comes up 'web page not found'. I am a determined woman so I will, I assure you, keep trying. Maybe later today or tomorrow.

  9. I have come to meet Smokey, and I find that Smokey and his friends are indeed worth meeting. We agree that all of this greenery and bloomage makes fine camouflage when stalking or simply observing.

    Smokey wants it known that having white paws makes him laugh. When he captures an unwary bug, it thinks it has been cold-cocked by a cloud.

  10. at first i was confused by the blurring between painting and photography, and then i decided, instead of questioning: which is which? -- to simply enjoy.

    in the end, it doesn't matter. the images you create are fantastic and they invite one into another world.

  11. The blurring between painting and photography has been highlighted by modern photo-editing techniques, and the demarcation between Art and Photography has a history as long as photography itself. I was pleased to read your comment Amanda; a decent post or two on this subject is suggested. Your input will be welcome.


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