Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Post

This is the electricity post outside the bar next door to the Hovel. And a very serious post for many of this old village. Each four of the staples you can see held a little poster giving the name of a villager who had passed away. It doesn't happen very often these days, and quite a few villagers are foreignors like me - we don't seem to get one of these.
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  1. Ah well Bob, its better than being on a Wanted poster! In the UK we seem to have developed this madness for people making tributes at the site of road accidents. You can't drive anywhere without seeing tatty cellophane full of faded flowers and mucky stuffed toys fastened onto lamposts and the like. I believe they are so distracting that in themselves they are perpetuating road accidents!
    Am just back from Northumberland. One day we drove up to Lindisfarne and on the stretch of road between Newcastle and Lindisfarne, we counted 17 of these memorial thingys.
    I'm telling you, 4 staples and you are getting away lightly!
    Smiles and grumbles.

  2. As long as YOU aren't stapled to a post, never mind the news of your demise, think youself lucky! I have just read a comment of yours to a Mrs Trellis, and I see her random points system has elevated you, not quite to pole position, but close! LOL :)

  3. Help! Jinksy,I can't find Misses Trellis - I can SEE her, but I forgot her blog's name. She doesn't visit me often you know, they don't like the English you know......

    LadyG is sweet isn't she - we exchange emails you know.

  4. the last post, indeed!

    there's something ironic about this, as i usually associate flyers on a telephone pole with lost dogs and cats, and not someone's demise...

    but at least it's outside a bar, so that makes sense

    hey -- i missed you the last couple of weeks bob! good to see you back

  5. The staples, in themselves, are as beautiful as the tradition. Good to see you back, Bob. You've been missed in the bloggyhood!

  6. Could be a way to remeber a person but not a pleasant one. I mean I don't want to be remembered this way.
    Finaly remains only the staples... or bones. :(


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