Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THAT cultural centre

Twin Towers Tribute (link)

I heard the legal reasons given by an honest man why THAT new centre of the Muslim faith could be allowed to occupy a plot so near Ground Zero. The Law is worse than an ass, but it has some powerful friends.

In fact my feelings go much deeper.  If Law can grind the insult of religion, disguised as Culture, in the face of thinking people, it does the work of the bombers for them. 

The rich man's puppet is thankfully gone, but when will poor Americans get the strong leader it needs to throw all religious 'leaders' out of office and back into church where they belong?  And when they set up 'office' in their churches and mosques; use their 'charisma' and money to manipulate their followers to a political agenda, why cannot the elected government just shut them up!   

Controlling these perverted sociopaths, these priests and imams, is not suppressing religious belief, it is controlling dictatorship by 'faith'.  It is not suppressing freedom of speech; they have no freedom to break the law, and speech which can incite 'believers' to violence is against the law. 

Some people need their faith and their gods, and can have special houses to worship them in. Why not, they do no harm and most of them want peace for their families and give respect to their leaders.  It is the big leaders of warring religions who want to fight each other to the death (not THEIR death of course), and have learnt over centuries how to co-operate with dictators looking to acquire land and power'  Don't believe me, just read history.


  1. Today, for me, law means money. If you have money you make law. Simply the truth!

  2. Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

  3. I fully agree with you ! Religion has nothing to do with politics ! and that has nothing to do with the so sad "freedom" that's also a nice word for hiding crimes. Burning a bible, koran or whatever is a crime and this guy should have been arrested. So he got a nice publicity and the whole world doesn't understand this sense of "freedom of religion" ! and the pedophiles ? they are also priests is that also a freedom of religion ? I don't even know what our politicians are, catholics, protestans, jews, muslims or nothing ! That doesn't change their incompetence !

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  5. I am now honored to be following you!

  6. Caren - you are most welcome. and now I am going to look out some pictures especially for you. I cant often post during the evening because connection is usually poor except at night. I hope you were not offended by my angry post - but even godless people can love cats......


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