Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Happy Friends

Never mind bad pennies - some old bloggers are liable to turn up when you least expect them too.   You have been travelling - some to exotic bits of America, some to Greece.  Some of you have been invaded by family, others not. Some of you have been wondering what the hell it's all about, some not (who's perfect?).  Some of you have come out and started using your real name.  Oh yes, I have been watching from the sunny shadows of the Corfu Hovel, but next year they promise me 4 times the bandwidth, or whatever it's called, and so I'm sure to be back interfering generally and being polite to the wealthy ones among you - just in case.  Some of you have been throwing clutter out of your lives.  
Bad Hair Day
In October 10 days in Brighton,England were generously spent immortalising my daughters and grand-daughter.  I can see Biba getting herself No2 clipper jobs when she is old enough to take matters into her own hands.  How we suffer for art.  In my case it was having to develop film in nasty wet chemicals for exactly the right time at the exact temperature.  And as for black&white printing - you (probably) have no idea of the anguish involved.  I'm not kidding - very very few photographers could print properly, even for the inflated prices we charged.  Ask me about it.
See how I wind my mum up

Yesterday a nice Greek lady from the village braved the elements, and the old floorboards of the Hovel, to bring me a serving of Turkey with prune sauce, and trad. Greek sweets. Wonderful, I forgot to buy anything to eat when I went to the supermarket on Christmas eve. If milk, Weetabix, instant coffee for cold shakes, bread (or flour), and Greek semi-hard cheese, are in stock I am content. Of course that's not all I eat, and last month was the first time for about 14 years when 40cm. (waist) trousers were required to accommodate my expansion.

Oops - dawn is breaking. I had better see if there are enough bps to stick some images in.

Coffee-bar Artist
The pay-out
Brighton Breakers.

NO! This is not a self-portrait - I don't wear sunglasses.

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