Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A late christmas story

The sun was already risen into the clear winter sky over Bethlehem.  A young boy with long blond hair galloped down the stairs to greet his parents for breakfast.

Turning to the old folk, he said unto them,  "Yo! sorry, Lo! its 12 AM and I'm hungry"

Mary glanced at the sundial through the kitchen window, and turning to the boy said,  "Verily verily, thou art a trifle confused this morning - it's just turned nine"

And Jesus, smiling said  "Ha!  you fell for that one - it's 12 AM, Anno Me, for I am 12 years old today"

Whereupon Joseph turned from his cornflakes saying  "Get outa here - haven't you got a miracle at 9.30?"   Muttering into his beard, Joseph said  "Jesus! Precocious brat!  Thinks he knows when he was born already"

"Leave him alone whispered Mary, he is a smart lad and is going places - no thanks unto you may I add.

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