Thursday, June 24, 2010


All my friends post regularly, I am sure they don't have more spare time than me - I must be just a baaad person. Mind you my cats have been acting silly, particularly Molly above. She was sleeping most days in the Castor tree but it has lost most of its leaves with rust and now gives no shelter. I am going to get a proper tree.

Porgy and Bess continue to be an example to us all - friends (sisters) for life, totally adoring, that's why I put horrid words in their mouths whenever possible. 

Several weeks off line, me - but I guess America is still America, and the English tories are set to give the poorest and laziest of their supporters a good kicking. Dohh.....
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  1. That Molly cat really likes her tree, right?

  2. You are right Ana - she also likes to sleep in the wooden beams of our house..

  3. Molly: You see Bob, I have come to a fork in the road so to speak, do I just hang on in here or do I take the leap of faith and jump?

    Bob: Aw Molly, come down and we'll go get you a bigger and better tree

    Molly: Well that's pretty tempting, can I have one of those with little olives, then I can spit the stones at Porgy and Bess when they are bothering me?

    Bob: Sure Molly, kalamata do?

    Molly: Here I come then..... catch!!

  4. Thanks for calling in Wendy and Juliana, Yes, Piggy and Bess are a little lovey-dovey for us fillosopher types.


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