Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Corfu sweetness

I knew bess was going to jump up on the sink, and the clout was no surprise either. Started a new file called 'calloutcats'. Hey, I could go really soft in the head and get the flowers talking to each other as well! So tell me what Mama Rose is saying and I'll fix it - posting with a link to your blog. So you'll get famous - that's all right, I know you'ld do the same for me
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  1. We love orange cats in our house. My wife has rescued many orange cats in her day. We only have two cats left now. Peace
    Mr Monkey

  2. Great photos, as always, Bob. She looks like she is saying, "By jove I've practiced this trick for weeks and now I can do it!"

  3. Damn! I told Bob to go steady on the tabasco in my Bloody Mary!


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