Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I found these beautiful images from Bebi, and want you to go see the originals. Something happened to the rose in the water, but I liked the effect so much here it is. It is green/blue challenged but rivets my eye to the monitor anyway. Happy days to all my loyal friends from a Corfu almost devoid of visitors. It must try harder.
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  1. what a beautiful effect! :) I am very happy to see these photos on here:)
    The photo animated effect is achieved by loading on a server, I also occurred to me that the color change the gift fails.
    I love the photos of the cats I saw in this blog:)

  2. Hi :) Here I send you the url of the gif of the rose that you like if you want to use:
    You just have to copy and paste where you ask the "url" picture.


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