Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July evening outside Jossy's Fish'n chip bar. You may notice a tourist or two if you look hard. Numbers down, business for Jossy almost non-existant - time for new menus and promotions, poorer visitors are shopping at the supermarket, eating on the beach or at the hotel. The Hovel is perched on the side of the hill about 6 inches to the left - the silence makes my ears ring. Anybody coming? Dr Awsom can get you a good deal for sure.
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  1. Now I'm craving Fish N Chips....thanks alot. Looks pretty there! :o)

  2. That looks gorgeous! What's happened to the tourists?

    I can almost smell those fish & chips. I've never been to Corfu, not yet anyway. Love Rhodes though.

  3. Good question Winifred, no single answer. Costs on Corfu - Greece doing nothing to promote the island - locals not bothering to promote themselves - poor economies in the markets. Etc


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